Chemical Service

Exceptional Chemical Pool Cleaning

Save Money With Our Chemical Pool Cleaning Services

Get in touch with the professionals from Sundown Pool Service if you want to schedule a weekly chemical-only pool cleaning session. We not only offer unmatched quality and affordability with our chemical pool cleaning service but we also ensure that your pool remains completely safe and usable, even after we have left.

We'll test your pool's chemistry each week and add chemicals just to keep the pH and alkalinity of the water in balance.
Clean pool

Quality Chemical Treatment for Your Pool

  • Test the pool's chemistry
  • Add chemical agents to keep the water in your pool clean and pure
  • Visually inspect your pool equipment and pad for leaks
  • Balance the alkalinity, sanitizer, pH, and stabilizer
Try our no-obligation-to-buy service today! Most of our services are completed within the same day. Call 661-302-7467 for more details.
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