Equipment Repair

First-Rate Pool Equipment Repair

Cost-Effective Solutions for Your Pool Equipment

Pool equipment is important for keeping your pool functioning without problems. The professionals from Sundown Pool Service can help you to maintain your pool equipment, from repairing small glitches to major replacements. 

Our family-owned and -operated business will offer you personalized services and ensure that your pool remains clean and safe. 
Pool Filter

Remarkable Pool Equipment Repair and Maintenance

  • Pool pump maintenance
  • Pool filter maintenance
  • Pool heater maintenance which may need to be disassembled and cleaned so that calcium doesn't build up and stop the flow of water
  • Backwashing and skimming the sand filters and cartridge filters
  • Repairing a leaking pool pump by replacing the worn-out seal
  • Reducing the noise of a pump, which may happen if the pump is oversized for the piping system or if there are obstructions in the impeller
Hire us today to make your pool clean and safe! We can also winterize it.
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We offer competitive pricing and top speed with all our pool equipment maintenance services.
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